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Let Me Tell You a Thing or Two About "Time"

Now that I have some rules about how much social media I consume and a new place to do the work I have to start asking myself the even scarier question which is "what am I doing to sabotage myself and my career".   I won't go too far into that as it is it's own blog past entirely. I will say though, that as I clean up my business systems I am learning to look further inside of myself at what other factors might be at play here.

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Kirista - 1 Inner Critic - 0

In checking out at IKEA I realized that I had climbed a small mountain that day. The easy road is no longer a viable option because my work is worth it. My business is worth it and more importantly my clients are worth it. I want my artwork to change people's spaces. To make them feel alive and vibrant and I cannot do that with subpar choices. My business, and more importantly my art, have a higher value than that.

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I Am All Yours

Two characteristics each of the panelists related to being women in sports.  Over and over I heard each panelist speak on these two topics.  As an artist struggling to figure out the in-between space in my life it spoke so deeply to my heart that I almost teared up.  It reminded me that I am not alone, not as a women, not as a artist, not as someone who is so passionately in love with this crazy career path that I cannot imagine who I would be without it.  

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