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Seven Wonders of Oregon at Wallow Foundation

To say I love Oregon is an understatement.  I genuinely I cannot imagine dying in another state let alone living there.  So when Travel Oregon came out with their Seven Wonders of Oregon I couldn't not go.  As started to plan the trips that would get me out into some parts of Oregon I had never been I had no idea how integral some of these trips would eventually be.  Nor would I imagine the beautiful selection of paintings that would come from these experiences and just how beautiful they would be at Wallow Foundation. I wanted to share with you each of these pieces and how they came to be.

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Kirista - 1 Inner Critic - 0

In checking out at IKEA I realized that I had climbed a small mountain that day. The easy road is no longer a viable option because my work is worth it. My business is worth it and more importantly my clients are worth it. I want my artwork to change people's spaces. To make them feel alive and vibrant and I cannot do that with subpar choices. My business, and more importantly my art, have a higher value than that.

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