Around the Studio Lately

At the end of 2015 I worked up a full five month content marketing plan.  I could sense in my heart that I wanted to be back in the game of blogging and truly thought that by setting out a solid five month plan of topics and posts about Mixed Media I could really access a whole knew part of my creative process.

Well as you can see I failed.

My artwork took a big turn in some really wonderful ways. Feeling the push because of my full time day job I chose instead to take the time and focus on my painting.  

It worked.

I took a couple of opportunities from some local businesses to display my artwork.  Not so much because of the opportunity to sell the work but mainly because this new place I am at with it is something I am proud of. Finally, after six years of doing this I feel like I have a body of work I want to share with the world.  If you are in the Portland Oregon area I invite you to stop by The Bike Gallery at 1001 Sw 10th Ave. or to take the time to have brunch at James John Café in St. Johns where I also have a selection of seven paintings hanging.

Also I have been working on short videos of the process. If you are interested in seeing a piece in progress I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter where I will be including these little sneak peeks!