Upcoming Workshop: Mixed Media Beeswax Collage

she had never seen him so tender by Kirista Trask

I have always been interested in encaustics. And like most artists for a short time I really experimented with it. But as time went on I realized that the cost was just to high. I knew that it wouldn't replace my love for abstract mixed media and that I already hoard art supplies. However I learned recently about a method of using plain beeswax to do encaustic mixed media collage.  I fell in love. 

Mixed media beeswax collage hits me on so many levels as an artists. I can use photocopies of the photos that are important to me, like the photo above of my future wife and her grandfather, with wax and other ephemera to permanently document our history.  I love the way it fills my studio with the smell of bees wax and the freedom of the process.

In November I taught a workshop at St. Johns Living Well in Portland, Oregon.  I had ten students and it was an inspiring and perfect day.  Recently I got approached to do another workshop which I have scheduled for February 7 from 12:00 pm to 3 pm

I encourage you if you are interested at all in bees wax and what you might do with this medium consider signing up for the class.   The cost is just 55.00 dollars and includes all the supplies you need to create two full pieces, as well as three hours of instruction and a delicious lunch.  This class is for all skill levels but due to the materials might be best for age 16 and above.


Mixed Media Beeswax Collage Class

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