The Artist



I grew up in Eugene, OR.   A child whose roots trace back to the wagon trains on the Oregon Trail, I have an intimate relationship with this great state I call home.  That relationship is ultimately the very root of my main source of inspiration - place.  More specifically the unseen magic we discover in sacred places. Through my artwork I am seeking to translates subtle moments and landscapes into swirling abstraction, blending saturated, opaque colors with translucent washes to evoke moment as an emotional experience.  My work is often created plain air style using a variety of materials, including acrylic, ink, charcoal, pencil, oil pastel, chalk and coffee, in order to react to the spirit of the location at the moment.


I was 25 when I went back to college to study art and really I had no idea what I was doing.  I studied Sculpture at the University of Oregon because I felt an incredible need to be creative bubbling up inside of me.  I haven't always been artistic and therefor went for a medium that gave me the most freedom  and at the time joy.   I was a serious student who spent my time in college producing large plaster installations that reflected my own personal life experiences.  However after graduation I found myself working in retail, living in a tiny apartment and no closer to identifying as an artist than when I started college.  I picked up painting to fill the creative need and over the next ten years taught myself to paint.  

I am currently spending my time working on a series of mixed media abstract paintings reflecting my experience following Travel Portland's Seven Wonders of Oregon.  These paintings will be exhibited at the Gallery at Wallow Foundations Headquarters in June.  You can also see a selection of paintings from my travels this summer displayed at West Elm in the Pearl District of Portland, OR. I also have a stunning studio in the Cathedral Park Place in the St Johns Neighborhood of Portland OR.  I am also balancing my time as a Curator in Residence for St Johns Center for Opportunity where I have the privilege of curating arts based events to bring the St Johns community together.



Instagram: @kiristatrask

Facebook: @KiristaTraskArt