But Really, What is Mixed Media Anyway?

Sketchbook 2015. Kirista Trask

There is a question I get all of the time when I am asked what kind of art I do. Generally it goes like this

Interested customer:  Oh! What kind of art do you make?

Me: I am a Mixed Media Media Abstract Artist.

Interested customer: Really? What is Mixed Media anyway? Is that like scrapbooking?

At this point in the conversation I am already overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed that a subject I love so much is still a big point of confusion for many people. By definition Mixed Media is visual art that employs more than one medium in the creation of it.  Traditionally the mediums are distinctly different in nature.  On a broader scope, for me being a mixed media artist gives me the freedom to hoard supplies.  It creates beautiful mad scientist moments when a piece needs something extra to finish it and I have by chance really some random thing that seems to tie it together.  Lately that has been a spool of yellow string I picked up when volunteering for MECCA some years back.  It also covers my bases when the fact is that my typical go to supplies for a piece are acrylic paint, alcohol ink, some kind of lace or string, oil pastels and often pieces of ephemera I have collected along the way.

I love the journey of mixed media. I love interacting with another mixed media artists work because not only am I emotionally committed to the journey that the artwork takes me on but also the science part of my brain is always wondering about the process. I wonder what materials were used, how exactly they interacted and most importantly can you make it happen again.  It is a curious journey for sure.

Dear reader if you are still confused as to what exactly this broad term signifies do not fret. I am including a list of some of my favorite artists as an example. Why don't you take the time to fall down the rabbit hole for a bit.  The journey may surprise you. And a surprising little bonus, most people do not know that Pablo Picasso is often considered a mixed media artist. .

Awesome Artists to explore!

Lynn Whipple

Cindy Couling

Teesha Moore