Newly Honed Creative Habits

Sketchbook Layout 1

I have been obsessed with working in my sketchbook lately.  I think it is part of my ever constant journey to find balance in my life lately and it feels so so good.  There have been some really great benefits from this new obsession that I would like to share with you today.

Sketchbook Layout 2

Last summer I took a ten day vacation for the first time in several years.  The extended vacation gave me lots of time to paint but I didn't have the space to drag so many extra supplies with me.  I widdled my must have list down to a simple travel pack that I now carry with me to work in my sketchbook. 

Sketchbook Layout 3

The benefits of this new daily creative habit have been far greater than I originally anticipated. The format alone benefits my process.  The space is limited and my supplies are limited. I am focusing on my choices in a way that I do not do in larger formats.  I find myself experimenting with tension, color choice, and balance.  I take risks with mark making and symbol choices that I wouldn't normally do.  But the greatest benefit is that I have my own personal library of these experiments. When I am working on a painting I can reference my own material for inspiration.  I have documented my own mark making and creative choices for recall at a moments notice.

Sketchbook Layout 4

However the greatest benefit thus far has been the mobile gallery.  My work displays so much better than any digital copy can reproduce.  Having that at my fingertips has been such a joy. I feel as though I can genuinely represent my self and my work whenever the need arises.

What are you doing to expand your creative practice? How have you made room for experiments and risk taking in your work?  Leave a comment and let me know.