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Kirista - 1 Inner Critic - 0

In checking out at IKEA I realized that I had climbed a small mountain that day. The easy road is no longer a viable option because my work is worth it. My business is worth it and more importantly my clients are worth it. I want my artwork to change people's spaces. To make them feel alive and vibrant and I cannot do that with subpar choices. My business, and more importantly my art, have a higher value than that.

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To My Grandmother's Disdain: Using Art to Heal Open Wounds

We have been spending some time on our  childhood trying to re awaken our inner child and I knew it was time to come back to the envelope in the drawer. I  pulled out those photos yesterday determined to find some goodness in them again.  As an artist my work focuses on the topics of queer identity, femininity and recovering lost memories.   It was time I took to those photos for contemplation.

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I Too Am An Artist: How An Hour In a Grade School Class Changed How I Feel About Art

She’d done it.  The tiny little stranger had looked inside my soul and found the words I never could.  You see, that has been my problem my whole life.  I have a whole lot of feelings going on inside and yet seem completely incapable of adequately expressing myself.  It was not until I was almost thirty and I started painting that I finally found a way to express all that I had going on inside. For me I felt like I was suddenly speaking a language people could understand.

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