The Last Year

Sunset the last night of my 33rd year

Sunset the last night of my 33rd year

I spent the weekend at Crater Lake celebrating my birthday. The last day of my 33rd year was nothing less than perfect. I hiked 8.25 miles on Crater Lakes Rim Trail, ate a dinner cooked over the fire and stared into a night sky full of stars. This was a site often unseen in Portland. Something about that lake provides a deep sense of calm for me and allows me to really focus on the year ahead of me.

The last year has fallen to the way side now. It was a year of struggle and growth. Not so much in the financial side but more so in the realm of emotional struggles.  July 17th was the one year anniversary of my friend Nicole's tragic death.  I can remember the moment I found out with a shocking clarity. However in the wake of her passing I have really taken a serious look at my life. More specifically looking at the creative side of my life.  Nicole was a talented songstress and what I have taken from her passing is a higher commitment to my art.  I took this weekend at Crater Lake to really define what that means.

I mean really.  What does it mean to make a higher commitment to my art?  For me it is about defining exactly what I want from my art career.  That is such a big question. I want to make art and I want o be able to afford to do all the crazy projects in my brain.  A goal setter I have decided to revisit my yearly resolutions with a business minded focus.  Here are some of my birthday resolutions rolling around in my brain.

1. Double the amount of shows I participated in this year.

2. Complete another month long project.

3. Apply to an artists residency. I have a specific one in mind and that requires a more focused body of work.

4. Take my newly defined career direction to the next level.  Launch the website.

5. Transition from my forty hour to my side hustle full time.


These are some big extensive goals that include a series of smaller goals as well.  However I am confident in my ability to get things done.  Now to just keep moving forward.