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Depression is a Sneaky Jerk

I have lived my entire life around mental illness. My mother has been fighting a long term battle with PTSD that has manifested in a variety of ways. As a small child my mother would go from extreme happiness to extreme anger in what felt like a split second. As a teenager when my mom started to finally get mental health therapy I saw her struggle with a life time of memories coming back at once. I saw hallucinations and the utter terror of wading through a life time of pain. I became the child parent taking care of things around the house to ease the pain I saw my mother experiencing. The other side of that is that I also saw redemption when my mother graduated law school. I saw her start her own law practice and take control of her own life.

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To My Grandmother's Disdain: Using Art to Heal Open Wounds

We have been spending some time on our  childhood trying to re awaken our inner child and I knew it was time to come back to the envelope in the drawer. I  pulled out those photos yesterday determined to find some goodness in them again.  As an artist my work focuses on the topics of queer identity, femininity and recovering lost memories.   It was time I took to those photos for contemplation.

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