Exploring the Past Through New Mediums

Abstract Art rarely has a recipe.  For me in particular that is what I love about it.  One of the things I really love about Mixed Media Abstract Art is that any material goes.  Lately I have been pulling out interesting strings I have collected over the years and my sewing machine.  I rotate between adding abstract sewn lines and actually hand sewing designs in.  In the photo above you can see where I added hand sewn designs to one of the pieces in my Moon Sisters series.  I have even begun to add favorite fabric and really engaging the layering process beyond just paint.


So here we are. 2016 is the year of exploratory art over here at the art studio. I am allowing myself to add new methods. I am digging deep to figure out further what do those additions mean to my current process and this crazy journey I call Art.  For me adding sewing in digging into my own family history.  My grandmother Alice was an exceptional seamstress.  I remember vividly the picture of her in her emerald silk wedding dress she made herself.  She has been gone for several years now and I guess this is the way I can honor that relationship.


All my work is about exploring my own history. It feels the most natural and truest way to look at the past, present, and future. I am often surprised within my own self the ways I bring forth these details.  So for now its just some sewn lines and link to my grandmother.