The 100 Day Project

Day 19/100 of The 100 Day Project by Kirista Trask

Today marks one month of The 100 Day Project for 2016.  Last year was the first year of The 100 Day Project and was originally put on by The Great Discontent and Elle Luna. This year though The 100 Day Project has become it's own entity.  While I could spend some time on how that change has effected The 100 Day Project this year in comparison to last year. Really what I want to write about is my own experience with this years 100 day Project in comparison to last years.

29/100 The 100 Day Project by Kirista Trask

Last year was a failure. I think I got through day five and fell flat on my face. I know now some of the reasons that it was such a complete failure. One of those reasons was I was in a new relationship and while I had a wonderful home work space there was just too many things going on to commit to daily art practice.  I also know now that another reason was that I picked a project, #100daysoffoundobjects, that was just too complicated. It involved finding objects to then modify daily.  While I am a mixed media artist I am primarily a painter and thus did not have enough raw materials to make it work. Lastly I did not have the commitment to prioritize the project in a manner that would make it happen.

Day 30/100 of The 100 Day Project by Kirista Trask

This year though I came into The 100 Day Project with a plan and here it is.

  1. Make a plan

  2. Set up a project I can actually handle

  3. Have support during The 100 Day Project

  4. Pre order supplies

  5. Engage with the audience and others doing the project

  6. Find joy in the project

Day 27/100 The 100 Day Project by Kirista Trask

Some of the plan seems really common sense right? Make a plan. Duh.  But what I realized is that really a plan makes a difference.  I decided when I was going to be working on this pieces, how I was going to make them, where I was going to make them, and how I was going to accommodate the project when I didn't have time or energy to complete it.  What that really looks like is that I decided to do sketchbook spreads.  It keeps the supplies simple, a few colors of paint, pens, and my sketchbook.  The mobility of my art supplies makes the where easy because it is anywhere. The when comes down to my lunch break at work Mon-Fri and weekend mornings. The time also comes into the how because one of my big tips is that I work on several pages at once and finish the page the night before. For example day 27 was completed the night of day 26 so it was ready to be posted.

The support piece is equally important. Not only in support from my partner but also support from my online tribe. I am in several groups working on this project.  We share in our joy and our challenges and that keeps us moving forward. I confident today on day 31 that I will make it to 100.  What are you doing to keep up with your 100 Day Project? Comment below and let me know any tricks you might have picked up along the way!

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