I Am All Yours

The truth is that I am lost.  So very lost.  


There is so much pressure to blog.  Any creative entrepreneur knows that a core element of a successful marketing plan is communicating with your audience through a blog.  This pressure has been sitting on my shoulders and honestly clogging my creative pipes.   So today I gave myself permission not to blog and instead “mini blog”.  Suddenly the pressure lifted.


You see I have found myself unemployed for the first time in my entire working life. At first I thought it was an amazing opportunity.  I can finally attend to that giant list of to dos that will help elevate my art career. Lately though it’s become this black cloud slowly infiltrating every part of my happiness.  This dark cloud has created a real stuckness. 


But tonight I had one of those experiences.  A real game changer in the most unlikely platform. Something you do not know about me is that I love soccer. I am a season ticket holder for Portlands professional women’s team the Thorns. And tonight I went to a panel titled Tomboy: Elevating the Conversation about Women in Sports. What I came back with was in short, passion and perseverance.  Two characteristics each of the panelists related to being women in sports.  Over and over I heard each panelist speak on these two topics.  As an artist struggling to figure out the in-between space in my life it spoke so deeply to my heart that I almost teared up.  It reminded me that I am not alone, not as a women, not as a artist, not as someone who is so passionately in love with this crazy career path that I cannot imagine who I would be without it.  


And friends there is going to be a lot of new things happening. Things that I need your help with.  There will be art shows, and contests.  There will be classes and retreats.  And mostly there is going to be a lot of me putting myself out there.  I hope that as I reach out further and further that you will come closer and closer.