Five of The 100 Day Projects Not to Miss This Year

It is no secret that I get overly excited about The 100 Day Project that Elle Luna started.  Every year it sneaks up on me.  This year in particular it is like balm on a wound.  Something in the crazy weather and crazy injury I was suffering had me feeling lost. I had more work to do than ever.  I had more opportunities than ever and yet I could not quite put my finger on what was missing and where it had gone.  Then my first reminder email came through my email box. I started to contemplate, plot and plan.   Then it occurred to me.  I had some how in the grey winter lost my sense of play.  

The 100 Day Project is more than just playtime too.  It is community.  A place to find and connect with other creative people.   A really that is why I love it so much.  It takes me out of my comfort zone, encourages me to play, and introduces me to new people to cheer on.  This year I put together a list of my top five favorite 100 Day Projects.  Maybe you can find someone new to cheer on or share in the delight of someone else's project and joy.

You can also find my 100 Day Project here.  I am doing 100 Days of Watercolor Sketches.  As an abstract artist I can't imagine a better way to play and stretch my muscles.  



Lisa Congdon

Illustrator extraordinaire  


I love Lisa Congdon.  I always love her work however I am especially drawn to this project.   I have large hands for a woman.   It is something every partner I have had has noticed.  Sometimes in my discomfort I even make jokes about artists having bigger hands.  Something about this project allows me to love my own hands a little more. 


Jennifer Gauthier

Bellingham based mixed-media artist


I know as a fellow Mixed Media Artist I am always leaning a little towards this medium.  However what really spoke to me abou this is the softness and honesty in her  pieces.   They propel you into a perfect new moment. 


Therese Benavidez

Kansas City Artist


I love this project for the sheer volume of it.  While Therese is focusing on small abstracts she is creating several a day.  This particular project is pure eye candy.  


Melissa Jenkins



I have dreams about this project.  I cannot wait to see it everyday and often make audible sounds when I see the days work.  The sweetness of each piece.  I could fill my entire home with these tiny little weavings.  


Elena Skoreyko Wagner

Illustrator/Artist/Mama Bear


Something about this project gives me an enormous amount of joy.  This project speaks to me on so many levels. First I also find that when I am hibernating too much, working in the studio or spending way to much time in front of the computer, I make the same resolution to force myself to talk to one stranger a day.  However the fact that she is doing cut out portraits of those interactions is mind blowing. 

I hope you find at least one project enjoyable and if you have any particular favorites for The 100 Day Project why not share it in the comments below with a link?


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