Everyone can make art.  Yes even you.

I believe that everyone has within them the ability to access your own distinct creative voice.   I believe that given a little push (or a big one if you need!) and some guidance you can learn a new way to express the world around you.  I believe I can be your guide.

Join me

See the St Johns Bridge from the windows of my beautiful studio as you experience four hours of .  In my class Wild Creativity: An Introduction to Your Sketchbook,  I will be sharing multiple exercises intended to help you tap into your creative potential and allow you to find new pathways of expression and sharing.  We are going to explore A LOT of mixed media supplies while also focusing on creative exercises.

This class is for everyone

But this class is especially good for people looking to focus and let go but who are really interested in starting a sketchbook practice . It is a great class for all skill levels as we will be burning new pathways in our brains.  Throughout the workshop I will demonstrate several different abstract painting techniques as well as guide you as you take the first steps on your next creative adventure. This class also offers several creative exercises to open you up and keep you engaged as you open the doorways to your creative soul.  

I only offer this experience to ten students at a time so that you get the best experience possible.

We will be using all kinds of sketchbook techniques so even if you have a great practice now this may be an opportunity for you to stretch a little.

This class includes four hours of instruction and all the supplies you need to start your creative journey.