Work One On One

Kirista is one part woo and two parts sass. Lovingly called a Drill Sergeant for Artists Kirista uses a straight forward, energy driven, methodology to help creative entrepreneurs gain clarity and get organized. Her methods cover a wide range of tools including, traditional marketing, tarot, ritual, and system management. She is a spiritual person rooted in reality. A numbers gooroo who believes that the energy in the world is ours to help us grow.

Kirista has spent more than ten years in business development in a wide range of industries. Her experience goes from several years in financial services to working marketing and sales. As a small business owner herself, two businesses to be exact, Kirista knows how hard it can be to stay organized, move forward and have faith. This program is designed to help you put systems in place that allow you to create the magic in the world you were designed to make.

The past two years Kirista has been working specifically with Creative Entrepreneurs to help them organize, and elevate their careers. She helps her clients gain clarity, set metrics, create goals and ultimately create a lifestyle that is in alignment with her clients highest values.

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