Learn more about Abstract Mixed Media Artist Kirista Trask from Portland Oregon.

The Artist

I am not very good with words, that is what led me to art in the first place.  As a young person I had so many complex emotional experiences that I could never find the words to express.  I felt that there was so much beauty in the world to be shared and some how I was determined to find a proper outlet to express this beauty.  I did not find that outlet until I was 25.  Studying sculpture first, I eventually found and fell in love with Mixed Media.  It was not until finding Mixed Media Art that I truly felt I had found my voice. 


I am a self taught Abstract Mixed Media Artist in Portland Oregon. As an artist I am always seeking the seams or the hidden point of disruption within the mirage of perfection.  I think my art is that. Poetic and lyrical it is the expression of the moment when emotions break.  But how how do you really do that?  That is the exploration.  I want to find the moments in my life I felt that disruption and paint them a home.  I use bold color choices and combinations, texture, layered paint, mark making and intuitive scribbling to express those seams. 

I live and work in St. Johns out of tiny house studio painstakingly built and curated to house my greatest joys.  



Currently unrepresented

Kirista Trask 2017

Kirista Trask 2017